Taking foam rolling to the next level with the BackBaller.

Sam Wood  - Australian Fitness Expert, Author and Bachelor Winner!

Sam Wood - Australian Fitness Expert, Author and Bachelor Winner!

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So, why use a BackBaller?


The ergonomic design of the BackBaller avoids direct spinal contact maximising the effect on the errector spinae muscles either side of the vertebrae. The mounted rollers give remarkable stability to the user allowing the user to take control and easily apply deep trigger point pressure right into the muscles, providing myofascial release.

Back pain is the single biggest medical impediment from which 90% of us will suffer from, in some degree, throughout our lives. Combining science and simplicity, the solution is the Back Baller.



Over time, the muscles in our back become tight due to the build up of tension causing Trigger Points (knots). The theory of deep tissue massage is the the kneading of these muscles you break down knots and replenish tight areas with fresh blood and oxygen thus allowing the functionality to be returned to the area. Deep tissue massage alleviates tension preventing strain, allowing rapid recovery and allowing you to return to pain-free activity.

Deep tissue massage also activates the release of endorphins that can lead to reductions in chronic pain and depression.   

The ease of use and effectiveness of the BackBaller has been clear to see for all. It is now in use by remedial massage therapists, myotherapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and osteopaths.  The BackBaller is allowing their clients and athletes to stay free from injury as they strive to attain their full potential.

Get on the BackBaller, break down the tight trigger points, relax tight muscles, get the blood circulating, recover from over-used, mis-used and sport related injuries. Retain full range of motion, feel better, move better and be at your best.


So, what are you waiting for? Get your BackBaller today for the special introductory offer of $100.